Yet More Bad Doggerel

No doubt your mind is in a fog
when it comes to naming your dastardly dog.
Names like Champ and Sport won’t do
but names like these are fitting and true:

Name it Bummer; name it Gore;
name it Herpes, Pox, or Bore.
Try out Hairbag; call it Peeve,
Bane, Benito, Pigbrain, Skeeve,
Onan, Manson, Greaseball, Irk,
Kinky, Killjoy, Feeb, or Jerk.

Name it Stinko, Cootie, Snot,
Barfy, Blunder, Bonehead, Rot.
Call it Smegma, Mucus, Fester;
call it Crotch or Wretch or Pester.
Churl’s a good name. So is Nero.
So is Scrooge and Scourge and Zero.
Call it Earthscum; call it Sod;
Call it Ratso, Ringworm, Clod.

I named my bad dog Wrath o’ God.