The QVC House

Come in, come in, and have some tea
served in a set by Valerie.
Come light her peachy fruit-jar candles.
Kick off your clunky Birky sandals.

We’ll have a slice of Junior’s cake.
We’ll try on bling! The stones are fake
but Diamonique shines blazing bright
in Tiffany-inspired light.

Don’t you love this charming art?
Kinkade creates it by the cart.
His pictures seem just like a poem!
Bright little cottages, no one home.

Here’s my closet! Full of trends!
Cotton and poly and lycra blends.
Wearable art stuffed back to back
and some of it’s noisy: quack, quack, quack.

Come in, come in, I’ve cleaned the place
with Magic Cloths, I’ve cleared a space
so you and I can do some crafts,
stick stuff in scrapbooks, have some laughs.

And then we’ll raid the makeup drawer,
lard the Smashbox in every pore,
mask our don’ts and flock our do’s
till we look like a Lisa Robertson flooze.