Pedestrian Lament

Though as a person I’m pretty unwary
walking to work can be awfully scary.
Men with hoses flood the sidewalks,
trying to spray you to kingdom come.
Men in front of your local market
heave big crates at your hapless bum.

Have you avoided concussion, contusion?
You still have to dodge all that traffic confusion—
killer bikes and buses’ spew,
vicious taxis, horsey “do.”
And those infernal cleaning trucks!
Their brushes whirl up yucky mucks.

As you get closer to midtown and gridlock
some sidewalks are closed for a whole half-a-block.
It’s all that construction: you’d better be spry
’cause you don’t know what’s gonna drop from the sky.
Cross the street to a “safer” edifice?
A gargoyle may plunge from a crumbling precipice !

But I wouldn’t cab it or bus it or drive it.
Walking is healthy, if you survive it.