Gather Ye Light Verse While Ye May To the poetry editors, to make mirth in time

Gather ye light verse while ye may
and heed prophetic earful!
Soon the global markets crash.
No one will be cheerful.

There’ll be no josh, there’ll be no quip
when times are put to trial.
You’ll find no Ogden Nashes then
slushin’ in your pile.

Gather ye light verse, seek it out,
guffaw ye till ye gag.
When earthquakes come and Etnas blow
just who will read your rag?

And when, by god, the button’s pressed
and fallout blocks the sun,
’t’isn’t likely anyone left
will want to joke or pun.

Gather ye light verse, print it now
for even humor’s mortal.
Titter, giggle, twitter, snicker,
snigger, chuckle, chortle.