Ballad o’ Jake A Classic Joke Rhymed

“Woman, I be sick.
     O Lawd, I’s hurtin’ so.
I hate those ‘spensive doctors
     but a’doctorin’ I’ll go.”

“Suit, yo’self, Jake. I’ll suit mine
     and sleep an hour mo’.
Don’t come back without
     a pint of Gordon’s from the sto’ ”

When Jake got back he poured some gin
     and grinned real bright and pure.
“Woman, I got godly news.
     I’s sick but they’s a cure.

The doctor probed and poked
     and then he firmly said to me.
“Three meals a day is all you need,
     good lovin’, TLC.

Else we put you in the ground,
     so heed me, I don’t lie.
Jake’s woman rolled her big brown eyes.
     “Honey, you gon’ die.”