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Make $$$ By Doing Online Surveys

Clear Voice
This is my favorite survey company these days.  Their invitations are frequent and every survey pays you something.  Many of the surveys are innovative and therefore involving and fun. 

Pine Cone Research
An elite survey site which immediately pays $3 per survey. They offer paying product tests; I’ve done quite a few and enjoy providing this type of feedback. During recruitment periods, they will place banner ads. If you see one, know that you are being offered a rare opportunity.  In the meantime, press this link; at the moment the window is open for new referrals.

Most of these sites also offer automatic sweepstakes entries for each survey taken, and people do win them.  In 2011, I won $250 from Clear Voice.

Another perk of survey site membership is that sometimes you may have an opportunity to join a panel through a firm called Communispace which provides sophisticated and interesting surveys and discussion forums. You’ll get an automatic $10 Amazon certificate each month, along with other Amazon certificates throughout the year for special projects.

Now to the sites I do not recommend. ACOP (American Consumer Opinion):  BEWARE!!!  It used to be one of the finest but has come under wide criticism by former members (myself included) who were cavalierly stripped both of their memberships and their accumulated reward balances.

I would also advise you to avoid these other sites which seem reputable but don’t pay much, if anything: Toluna, NPD, Synovate, Ciao, Ipsos I-Say, Survey Spot, Mindfield Online, Zoom Panel.  They take up too much of your time for too little return.

Nifty background info on survey sites may be found at Survey Police.

Rebates!!! Bargains!!! Giveaways!!! Freebies!!!

Go To GiveawayFrenzy.com

This is a superbly efficient rebate site. Press one of their links to access a retailer and your account will be credited with a rebate generally around 3%-8%, sometimes higher. Now and then they have double points days. They pay quarterly and their minimum amount for payment eligibility is just $5.00, an easy amount to reach. PayPal payments are an option here.

Press Here for the Fabulous Ebates Portal!

If that link does not work, please send me your email address; I’ll arrange for an invitational email and get a small kickback too. If you shop online, it just makes sense to go through the Ebates portal. I recommend it over Mr. Rebates because its payout level is lower ($5), meaning you don’t have to wait extra months for your kickback, and because they will pay you automatically each three months.  You don’t have to manage a thing. 

Fat Wallet
Features not only rebates but informative forums where people share good deals and freebie listings. I’ve received a panoply of free items: expensive skin care products, supplements, razors, household items, makeup, shampoo, cat food, energy bars, spices, coffee, even a coffeemaker.  They also have a rebate portal similar to Ebates but since I haven’t used it, I can’t vouch for it.

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