With effortless command of traditional forms and inventive explorations in styles of her own devising, Kate Bernadette Benedict’s Here from Away explores dislocation in its many dimensions: geographic, emotional, personal, spiritual.

“ . . . for Benedict, poetry is less a career or a profession than a devotional exercise, a means of enhancing lifeits thrills, absurdities and inevitable heartbreakby memorializing it in the way that only poetry’s calbiration of language can . . . Here from Away demonstrates nicely that poetry in your life can be as near as the person sitting across the table from you.”

               —Frank Wilson, The Philadelphia Inquirer


“A multi-varied talent shows through in both formal and free verse, but it is her rich approach to both language and life that makes these poems so engaging.”

               —Sandy McKinney, The Alsop Review


“We are Refugees” is one of the best poems of its kind I’ve ever read . . . I am astounded by the breadth and freshness of your knowledge, which so amply supports the way your imagination pries truth out of the world’s lies.”

               —Hayden Carruth


“Language . . . that delivers complexity. The poems linger in the reader’s mind.”

               —Kay Day


“What intelligent, energetic, generous poems these are, and how willing to take risks! . . . These poems are certain to engage the reader’s attention and earn his respect, and keep both.”

               —Rhina Espaillat


“. . . noticeably better than most of the tripe that beckons remaindering after the 1st edition.”

               —Dan Schneider

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